For Sale – 2016 ND Miata with LFX 3.6-liter V6

2016 nd miata lfx

Have you been looking for an incredibly well-sorted ND Miata with the looks and performance to match? If so, you need to seriously consider this 2016 ND Miata with LFX 3.6-liter V6 and MV5 6-speed transmission. This build has only 1,750 miles since its build while the car has 38,000+ miles on it.

Engine Specs:

  • 2015 Camaro LFX 3.6L V6 (48k miles)
  • Mace cams, all-new cam chains and guides
  • Remote oil filter
  • Elite engineering oil catch can
  • Powerbond 25% under drive crank pulley
  • V8 Roadster LFX down pipes and custom stainless exhaust with ceramic coating
  • Goodwin CSF High Performance radiator with ND fan

Transmission / Drivetrain Specs:

  • 2015 MV5 6-speed transmission (New from GM)
  • New Genuine GM clutch/pp/flywheel and throw out bearing.
  • V8 Roadsters Wilwood clutch master cylinder kit and braided brake lines
  • MGW/ V8 Roadsters shifter with OEM shift knob
  • 2016 ND rear differential stock 2.92 ratio
  • OS Giken Limited-slip differential
  • OS Giken Differential cover
  • V8 Roadsters torque arm eliminator bracket
  • V8 Roadsters engine mounts
  • V8 Roadsters transmission mount
  • PST custom driveshaft

Suspension / Tires / Extras

  • Progress Technologies front sway bar
  • V8 Roadsters StopTech STR-42 Big Brake Kit with steel braided lines
  • Konig Hypergram 17×8 matte grey wheels
  • Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 235/45R17 tires
  • DSD Coil Overs – Corner balanced
  • V8 Roadsters CanBus box to run stock gauges. All gauges functional.
  • Trunk mounted 650CCA battery.
  • Ice cold air conditioning

Total wet weight 2,521 lbs.


This car is in very good condition. With it having 38,000+ miles on the original body, there are some small marks in the paint, mainly on the front bumper. There is also a small crease on the front bumper. This is to be expected for a normally driven vehicle.

Driving Impressions:

This car is a little rocket that handles like it’s on rails. Weighing just ~2,500 pounds, the LFX engine pulls, combined with an incredibly well-sorted suspension. If the power and handling don’t make you smile, the Magnaflow exhaust will.

Price: $39,500

1 thought on “For Sale – 2016 ND Miata with LFX 3.6-liter V6”

  1. I’ve noticed this beautiful build on your website a while back. I can’t believe somebody hasn’t snatched this up yet.

    What kind of power to the wheels would you estimate this at? I know stock is around 325 hp at the crank.

    I was really in the market for an LSX Miata, but this is intriguing

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